Paddy Power applies for New Jersey gaming license

Paddy Power Applies for New Jersey Gaming Licence

In a move that thrills players from the United States of America, Paddy Power applies for New Jersey gaming license. This company was one of the original operators to join a core bookmaking business with casinos that boasted industry-standard games and services, and they are continuing to pioneer the gambling landscape by making sure that they are first in line when it comes to the US gambling market as well.

As Paddy Power applies for New Jersey gaming license, it is becoming more widely known that the United States of America is moving nearer to once more regulating the world of online gambling, and that once this has been accomplished one of the biggest potential markets in the world will open up. Thanks to the fact that American companies have generally been done away with as a result of the earlier closure of this sector, there is more than sufficient opportunity for some of the better-known international companies to take advantage of the situation –and, as Paddy Power applies for New Jersey gaming license, it is obvious that that is what they intend to do.

New Jersey Taking the Lead with Online Gambling

Paddy Power applies for New Jersey gaming license as it becomes apparent that this state will be one of the first ones to put new online gambling legislation into practice, and proposals are set to go live in November 2016. Paddy Power has made sure that it is able to get in ahead of its competitors and has finished lodging an application for a gaming license for this state at this point in time.

David Power, Communications Director at the company and son of the founder, has been quoted as saying that Paddy Power applies for New Jersey gaming license in order to ensure that they have all their ducks in a row, and have everything in place and ready for the new legislation to take effect. They can be said to be putting themselves into position.

Paddy Power Ensuring Their Readiness

David Power’s comment as Paddy Power applies for New Jersey gaming license is proof positive that the company is planning ahead even though they cannot be said to have any operational plans in place at this time in the event of a positive outcome.

Paddy Power was granted an online gaming license in 2012 for Nevada, but has as yet not implemented any type of real money gaming infrastructure for inhabitants of this state. Whether or not the same approach will be followed as far as New Jersey is concerned will have to be seen, although systems aimed at identifying opportunities as they become available have been put in place, which is good news for online players resident in this area of the country.

Players around the world, and particularly in New Jersey, are eagerly waiting to see what will develop in terms of Paddy Power’s application, and there is undoubtedly an extended growth period ahead for this company. Improvements across their core products can be expected, and many more games will no doubt be added to their already impressive catalogue.